Football Systems

Free online tools for calculation

Initial criteria of winning betting strategy

Statistical information – last played matches, home and away wins, historical series, goals, current position and points of the teams, combined in football betting system.
System evaluating the chances for home win. The best result we can get is, when there is a high final value for the host.

Factors that influence the outcome of a football match can be divided into objective and subjective. Statistically, the team with more goals scored in a season, with more wins home or away, with historic better results have a greater chance for win over the opposite team.

Is it so? Taking into account all the facts and digits, actually we see twists that are inexplicable at first glance. If we look carefully at the details, however, accidents can be attributed at least in part. People who are interested in soccer, watch the game and individual players, could reveal a hidden statistics for the football game. The individual performance of each of the players and how they play together determines the outcome of the match.

Nowadays, with the availability of modern computer software and good visual equipment it is estimated precisely presenting of every man on the field – there are lines of movement, distance traveled, average speed, efficiency on the floor, performance to score goals. Nevertheless, the results of football matches cannot be predicted 100% from football tipsters.

Unbelievable, but paying attention to factors such as distance between cities of the away team and the home team, monitoring the privacy of the players, the salaries of the players, who is the coach, the relationship between the players and a bunch of other things also affect the final result of the matches. believes, that everything of the mentioned above is important, but it overlaps largely with the results shown in the statistics in the tables. Therefore, we present a few simple football systems for online calculations with easy for understanding forms and an explanation that may help in assessing the outcome of football matches. And this is something that anyone can do by himself. Many betting sites help, but sometimes confuse the people who are not professionally involved in football betting. We generally recommend you to watch more matches and have your own conclusions about the game.