1. Difference in the table between the teams        

   2. WDL - HOME                                 

   3. WDL - AWAY                                 

   4. Last 6 matches        


30 and more points: Secure victory
21-30 points: Must win
11-20 points: Possible win
from -10 to +10 points: Probably equal or win with 1 goal nevermind for A or B team
below -10 points: Be avoided

Football System For Home Win

This system evaluates the chances for home win. The best result we can get is, when there is a high final value for the host. If there is a high negative value, the win of the guest it is highly possible, but with this football strategy we can predict only the win of the host.
If there are two teams A against B, we estimate the chances for home win as follows:
1. Difference in the positions in the result table between the two teams (negative if team A is below team B currently in the season table)
2. Household Indicator (team A)= the number of home wins (W) minus the number of equal matches (D) and lost matches (L) at home
3. Guest Indicator (team B)= the number of the guest wins (W) plus a number equals as guest (D) minus the number of lost meetings as guest (L)
4. General indicator of the host (team A) for the last 6 games (total home and away) as the points are:
-win at home with 1 goal difference: 1 point
-win at home with 2 goals difference: 3 points
-win at home with 3 and more than 3 goals difference: 6 points
-win as guest with 1 goal difference: 2 points
-win as guest with 2 goals difference: 5 points
-win as guest with 3 and more than 3 goals difference: 7 points
-equal at home: 0 points
-equal as guest: 1 point
-loss at home: -4 points (negative)
-loss as guest: -2 points (negative)