Curious Football Facts

Football “ole-ole-ole” comes from Spain, where it was used mainly during bullfights and flamenco dancing.

World famous singer Julio Iglesias in his youth was a football goalkeeper playing for “Real” (Madrid). His career, however, ended only 20 years old when he suffered a car accident and spent three years in hospitals.

On November 3, 1969 in the UK took place at urchin football match between the teams of “Tokhemskiya Youth Club” and “Howe-you.” Players so eagerly and roughly fought for provincial Cup that forced the judge to evict all 22 players, one was taken to hospital with linesman.

The British Isles fog is common, but when it happens during a football match, the result is overcrowding on the field. That’s what happened during the match between two Scottish teams. When the judge felt that the court seems to be crowded, he first headed to the bench area, which turned out to be empty. The referee immediately suspended game and the census proved that on the field are a total of 30 players.

During the final of the League Cup in England in 2005 was registered a record high noise in the stadium. After the goals of the player “Liverpool” Riise in the door of “Chelsea” Liverpool fans screamed with power 130.7 decibels. This achievement was even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The previous record was 128.74 dB, recorded in 2000 during a game at American “Denver Bronx.”

The fastest own goal even been recorded in the mid 60s when defender “Brescia” Mati stuck the ball in his own goal in the 38th second of the match with “Mantova”.

Botswana’s national team has not won a game ever in its 28-year history. In the team have changed more than 50 coaches, some Russian and former athletes.

The championship of Greece in 1978, where “Ethnikos” accepted as a host PAOK, visitors opened the scoring. However as long shared his joy with his fans that he heard the signal for the renewal of the game. So undisturbed hosts leveled the score.

The Spanish town of Fuente hosts took the players of “Gonsha.” Just a few minutes, however, were enough guests to lead 0-2. Then the field as a real bullfight, came raging bull, followed by the second and third. The players ran off, and the chief judge barely escaped in the locker room. Had the match to be postponed. Later, however, turned out to actually animals prepared for the corrida, were released from a local fan who does not like to see the defeat of their favorite team.

It is known that Lev Yashin was not just a football goalkeeper, but hockey. In 1953 he won the USSR Cup in hockey and became a bronze medalist in the football national championship. Yashin received an offer to join the hockey team for the World Cup but rather to focus on his other career.

On 20 March 1976 player “Aston Villa” Chris Nicol scored two goals in the opposition and in his neck during a match with “Leicester City”. The match ended with a score 2-2 with a single goal.

In 2002, the English star David Beckham became the legislator of football fashion, appearing on the field with the famous mohikanska haircut “Iroquois.” With this player occupies first place in the ranking of the leading company image for the 20 famous athletes, distinguished not only for their sporting qualities, but with original hairstyles. A year later, Beckham again falls in the rankings, but this time in 12th place. Before his rank goalkeeper David Seaman with his horse’s mane, bareheaded tennis player Andre Agassi, red-haired Swedish footballer Freddie Lyunberg, the national team of Romania, which is painted in yellow at the World Cup in 1998, and others.

Some designers have created exemplary wardrobe football giants “Milan” for the 2009/2010 season, which is the last word on global trends. In so doing they have developed not only the official line in sports clothing (Red), but took with wardrobe representative players (Collection Black Club).